Who We Are

Tri Mor Corp. is the go-to concrete paving and infrastructure contractor in Northeast Ohio. For over a quarter century, we have developed and earned the trust and confidence of contractors, engineers, businesses, and city service directors throughout northeast Ohio. We work hand-in-hand with engineers, contractors, and developers in designing and constructing roads and infrastructure. We provide consistent quality and value to our customers by utilizing the most up to date concrete paving technology, concepts, and techniques in the industry. Whether its municipal roads, new subdivisions, industrial and commercial parking lots, or ODOT projects, we always deliver the quality and timely performance our customers desire.

Who We Are

What We Do

Slip-form Concrete Paving

Slip-form Curb and Gutter

Pavement Demolition & Evaluation

Concrete Overlays “Whitetopping”

Complete Subdivision Roadway Installations

Consulting Services


Having pavement problems? Call Tri Mor today for free consultation to discuss solutions for your pavement needs. Our experienced staff can provide onsite on the cause of your pavement failure, and the proper solution to ensure the integrity of your pavement for years to come.


Send us your preliminary plans, and Tri Mor can review and make recommendations that can maintain, if not improve, the longevity of your pavement, and save you money. We can also review your designers/engineers opinion of probable construction cost for verification.


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